We at SSAFA are so grateful for your continuing support. We seem to be seeing more and more young veterans (if that's not a contradiction) who have been badly affected by their military service overseas.

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Latest Vacancies

Please see a list below of our current vacancies. If you are interested in becoming a resident in one of our Almshouses, please call: 01179 300301 or email: info@bristolcharities.org.uk


Barstaple Almshouse

Flat 10, Barstaple Almshouse, 2 bed, first floor property. Weekly maintenance charge £183. Standing charges (water, heating and electricity): £16.37 (not covered by Housing Benefit) Available after 22nd August 2017

John Foster's Almshouse 

There are currently no vacancies. 

Cwrt William Jones Almshouse 

There are currently no vacancies