Thank you so much for the assistance that you have given me in my beginning stages of leading an independent life after coming out of treatment with ARA. It has been a scary and nervous time, especially trying to take on all the responsibilities at one time.

Thank you all for doing the work that means I can be supported and helped.

Mr P
Grant recipient

Grant Giving Overview


We are updating our application form so that it is compliant with the new GDPR regulations. Please make sure that if you are part way through an application, it is completed by 28th May 2018, otherwise your data will be lost. 

Many thanks

Grants Administrator Team


Bristol Charities has four main areas of charitable funding:

  1. 1. Relief in Need
  2. 2. Relief in Sickness and Disability 
  3. 3. The Ella Mary Merchant Fund for the Relief of Carers
  4. 4. Educational Funds for the Advancement of Education

Individual Grants awarded from: 

  • Relief in Need 
  • Relief in Sickness and Disability 
  • Relief of Carers

For the purpose of Grant giving the above three programmes are administered together. 

People Helped

  1. People in need, hardship or distress
  2. People who suffer from ill health, are convalescent or have a disability 
  3. Carers who have limited means
  4. Applicants must be resident in Bristol or live within 10 miles of Bristol City Centre 

In exceptional cases, the Trustees may decide to assist someone who otherwise qualifies who is resident outside the City of Bristol or is only temporarily resident in the City of Bristol.

Type of Help

Funding is available for:

  • White goods (washing machines, fridges/freezers, electric cookers) up to £250
  • Small electrical equipment (vacuums and microwaves)
  • Carpets 
  • Furniture 
  • Cots, beds and mattresses 
  • Starter packs (kitchen/crockery) 
  • Respite breaks for carers
  • Nursing/care services to provide break for carers
  • Support to carers after the death of the person being cared for


We cannot help with the following: 

  • Clothing
  • Tumble dryers
  • T.V's, P.C's, or audio equipment
  • Baby equipment 
  • Fees for those in care 
  • Rent arrears or other debts

Applicants can apply for a number of grants up to the value of £250 in a three-year period. 

How to Apply

Applications must be made using our online grant application form. The application needs to be made by a sponsor who is usually a professional such as a social worker, support worker, health professional or other similar support agencies. 

Once an application is approved a voucher is issued to the applicant or their sponsor which can be used at one of our approved suppliers. All vouchers have expiry dates and must be used within one month from the date of notification. 

 All referral agencies and sponsors are asked to complete a simple registration process in order to use our new on-line grant applications. Please press link below to find out how to register as a sponsor.  

Sponsor Registration Information

If you are a sponsor who has already registered and wish to make a subsequent application please refer to the instructions sent to you in your acceptance email. If you no longer have this email please contact our Grants Officer on the email address below.’ 

Please note, Bristol Charities are no longer receiving paper applications. All applications must be submitted online by a sponsor. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact: