Bristol Charities continues to operate during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Although our Head Office is shut and most of our Head Office staff are working from home, you can contact us by email or by phone on our Head Office phone number 0117 930 0301. We continue to run our Almshouses and Extra Care scheme, with staff on site. Our Grants Programme is running, please keep checking our website for details of when we are accepting applications for Grants. Although our Community Development for Older People Projects remain on hold for now, we hope to start activities again soon when it is safe to do so.

Bristol Charities is committed to working to provide support to people and communities throughout these complicated and taxing times.

Thank you to Bristol Charities and supplier for the Russel Hobbs oven which is brill! I had my first roast dinner this week.

Well done and I hope I can give back one day.

Mr R. A

History of Grant Giving Charities

History of Grant Giving Charities

Bristol Charities has over the years administered endowment funds on behalf of a number of Charities.  In 1973, 2001 and 2015 the Charity received Charity Commission  permission to "pool" or consolidate a number of charities and today the Charity delivers it's grant giving programme through four main areas.  It is important however to recognise and remember those individuals and benefactors who have contributed to the rich history of Philanthropy and Charitable Support, both within the charity and also in Bristol.  Their legacy has made a significant contribution to shaping the City and making it the vibrant, thriving community it is today.

Description of Grant Giving Charities

Name Date Charitable Object
Merchant Tailors Charity 1399 Pensions and accommodation for Tailors or widows of tailors
Dr George Owen's Charity 1553 Pensions and accommodation for poor men
Alderman Thomas Chesters Charity 1582 General relief of poor people in the parish of St John and the relief of residents in St James Almshouse
Alderman Robert Kitchen's Charity 1594 Grants to poor kindred of the founder certain ecclesiastical charities or incumbents poor people of Bristol, Freeman or widows of Freemen
Thomas Holbyn's Charity 1619 On St Thomas' day payments would be made to the poor people of the parish  of St Thomas Bristol.  In addition a yearly sermon would be preached on that day at St Thomas church
The Rev Dr Thomas White's Charity for Marriage patrons 1622 Preference was given to young women on marriage
Rev Dr Thomas White Grays Inn Lane Trust also Essex Estates 1622 The Building of an ecclesiastical College and Almshouse within the City of London - to house 20 people - 4 from Bristol 
The Sion Hospital Pensions 1623 Pensions to the poor of Bristol or elsewhere who through age, infirmity  or illness are in need
Mr Edward Coxs Charity 1627 Charitable purposes for poor apprentice boys decayed handicraftmen especially within the parish of St Phillips
Humphrey Browns Charity for the poor of the Parish of Iron Acton 1629 For the poor of the Parish of Iron Acton
Alderman George Harringtons Charity 1638 For Freeman of the City or their widows
Alderman Joseph Jackson's Charity 1658 Weekly payments to poor housekeepers
Francis Fullers Charity 1705 Those in need in the Parish of St Philip and St Jacob Bristol
Sarah Ridley Pension Charity 1716 To build Ridley Almshouse and later to pay pensions to poor persons and of the Protestant religion
The Rev Dr Charles Sloper Charity 1727 For bibles for poor people and also funds for poor people within the City of Bristol
Sir Abraham Elton's Charity 1727 Preference for the residents of St Werburghs
Mrs Ann Thurstons Charity 1756 Poor lying-in women, wives of  Freeman of the City of Bristol
Bristol Dispensary & Relief in Sickness Charity & A J Williams Memorial Charity 1775 For relief in sickness of residents within 10 miles of the city centre
Bristol & District Nursing Association 1775 Institution located in College Green
Miss Ann Casa Majors Charity 1778 Payment made to the rector of St Stephen's Church
John Merlotts Charity for the Blind 1784 Pensions to blind people resident in Great Britain over 50 years of age
Bristol Female Misericordia Society 1800 For the relief of the sick and married women in child birth
Miss Elizabeth Ludlow's Charity 1805 Widows or daughters of Freeman of the City of Bristol
Samuel Gist's Charity 1808 To maintain men, women, boys and girls at Queen Elizabeth's Hospital and Red Maids School
Richard Reynolds II Charity 1809 To make grants to certain named institutions or other charitable objects
Clifton Dispensary 1812 An institution for persons who had no other means of seeking medical assistance
Thomas Bonville's Charity for poor housekeepers 1817 Housekeepers, resident in Bristol
Richard Hughes Educational Charities 1819 Income distributed to Strangers Friend Society, Queen Elizabeth's Hospital and Red Maids School
Thomas Bonville Charity for poor residents 1822 Preference for people regularly attending Divine Worship
Mrs Mary Ann Peloguin's Charity 1836 Preference for lying-in women particularly wives of Freeman of the City and residents in the Parish of St Stephens
Richard Reynolds Charity 1836 Income to Almshouse Charities
Red Lodge Refermatory Fund 1854 Grants to Institutions or Societies in or near Bristol to rescue and care for criminal or neglected girls and young women
Bristol Guild of the Handicapped Trust 1866-1923 To meet the needs of physically handicapped children and younger men
Edmund Lanes Charity 1871 Preference for traders or former traders
Bristol Medical Missionary Society 1872 Dispensary at 7 Redcross St to render free medical aid to the poor and to work to reclaim those who had fallen into evil ways
Lady Sarah Haberfields Charity 1875 Payments to poor married women who were not receiving poor law relief
Read Dispensary Fund 1876 Grants to sick women and children of Bristol who are referred by their doctors
Mary Carpenter Memorial 1877 For the benefit of poor girls and boys in Bristol
Shirehampton Temperance Society 1882 To further the cause of temperance in Shirehampton and other charitable purposes in Shirehampton
The Edward Phillips Trust 1885 The relief or deserving needy persons either by gifts, apprentancy boys and girls to learn trades or by granting assistance to widows
Miss Hanah Marriott's Trust 1887 Annuities to women of good character in needy circumstances over 50 years of age
Miss Margaret Edgars Charity 1893 Preference for spinsters not less than 50 years of age
Webbs Home Trust 1898 Relief of need for residents in Bristol
Alice Cole Charity for Poor Householders.  Alice Cole Charity for the poor of the Parish of St James.  Alice Coles Educational Foundation  1904 For the poor of Bristol.  Churchwarden of the Parish of St James.  A free school for poor children
Alderman John Whitsons charities for poor women in childbirth and lying-in women. Poor householders and poor widows 1905 Preference given to lying-in women and poor men over the age of 50
Mrs Catherine Mary Castle's Trust 1905 Preference for women who are resident in Bristol or in the counties of Gloucestershire or Somerset being members of the Church of England
Miss Ellen Marrott's Charity  1910 Preference for women
Furber Fund Furber 1912 Creation of a housing charity
Ministers Fund 1912 Income towards salary of the minister of Wesley Memorial Church and Sunday School Christmas party
Furber Poor Fund 1912 Distribution of coal to poor persons of Bryant's Hill
Charity of William Barrow 1916 Preference for widows with children, particularly those living in the Totterdown or Bedminster districts
Leir Fund 1917 Assist soldiers born in Bristol who were wholly or partially blinded in the First World War.  Grants towards the cost of rods or equipment for apprentices
Reginald Williams Memorial 1921 Payments to Bristol Sailors Home for old or disabled sailors in Bristol, also to assist young men to become marine engineers
Henry Herbert Wills Trust 1922 For poor deserving persons
Mrs M S Phillips Annuitants & Augustus Phillips Charity 1927 Preference for widows or spinsters over 55 years of age
Soldiers Corner Arnos Vale Cemetery 1927 Upkeep and maintenance of graves and memorial in Arnos Vale Cemetery
John Colston Barrows Trust 1927 Preference for spinsters of not less than 50 years of age
Hooks Mills Educational Foundation 1930 To assist students by means of grants scholarships and bursaries.  Making grants for the purpose of religious and secular education
Sailors College Charity 1937 Preference for sailors connected with the port of Bristol or widows or daughters of such sailors
William Emmett Habgood Charity 1941 Preference for men over 50 years of age particularly those who are or were tradesmen or shop keepers of Bristol
L E & J Yeadon Charity 1956 To assist in the life of poor persons in Bristol and district being (a) spastics (b) over 60 years of age or (c) children under 18
Charity of Edith Louisa Garlick 1959 Preference for women over 50 years of age
James Yeadon Charity 1963 For persons over 60 years of age or young persons under 18 years of age
Bristol Humane Society 1967 For the maintenance of life buoys in Bristol and then later, to provide grants to organisations connected with the encouragement of swimming - life saving at sea and youth activities
Miss Hannah Ludlow's Charity 1973 For the benefit of women of respectable character and position, but impoverished by unavoidable circumstances
Westbury on Trym Consolidated Charities 1974 Payments to those in need
Bishop Memorial Fund 1977 To benefit people at Trinity Hospital South (John Barstaple House) in relief or sickness, to help relatives to visit or in other ways
Hall Houghton's Charity 1977 For relief in sickness of residents in parishes of St Barnabus and St Werburgh
Bristol Lying in Charity 1978 Income divided between 15 parishes to make grants to poor mothers
Bristol Migration Charity 1979 To aid poor people resident in Bristol to migrate
George Thomas Fund 1980 Grants to Bristol residents aged under 25, for education including fees, scholarships, special clothing or tools required for training
Bristol Shipping Staff Charity 1983 For the relief of needy persons, or their dependents, employed in or retired from shipping - building, broking or reparing industries within a 10 mile radius of Bristol city centre. To promote education in matters relating to the shipping industry in the same area
John Pearce's Charity Not known (1983) Paid to the Diocese of Bristol
Jackson Roeckel Teachers Association Not known Annuities to bona fide teachers who may have been reduced in circumstances
Barry T Jones Fund 2003 To provide grants to charitable independent schools engaged in secondary education within  the City and County of Bristol
Ella Mary Merchant Fund 2003 Grants to women and men responsible for the care of the elderly or infirm relatives