Public Consultation - Hollway Road, Stockwood

Tuesday 30th Jun 2015


Bristol Charities Development, Hollway Rd (formerly Bowmead EPH Scheme)

Bristol Charities will shortly be submitting a planning application to Bristol City Council for our proposals to develop an Extra Care Scheme for Older People on Hollway Road.

Our population is ageing and people will need extra support to help them maintain active, safe and independent lives as they get older. The building on Hollway Road will have sixty 1 and 2 bedroom flats available to rent, with care on site for those who need it. Some of the new accommodation will be fully wheelchair adapted.

The site was chosen for the scheme because of the opportunity to link with the existing extra care project at Bluebell Gardens, and also because it is in the heart of the community.

It is important to us that we do this in partnership with the local community and we would like you to be involved at an early stage to help inform the proposals as they develop. As a start, we invite the local community to an open meeting on Tuesday 30th June at Stockwood Library. We will be based in the “pod room” between 4pm and 7pm. There will be an opportunity for local residents to see designs for the scheme, and ask any questions and also give us feedback. Alternatively, please comment on any details of the proposal by email to