To the staff at Bristol Charities,

One great big, whopping, humungous THANK YOU for helping and providing me with a mobility scooter. Jim from Pearce Bros has helped me from the start in downloading a form from Bristol Charities. I am now the happy user of an Invacare Comet 4 - wheel 8 m.p.h scooter. This has given me another lease of life. I am too chuffed for words!!

Mr S
Recipient of grant for mobility scooter

Greater Brislington Community Development for Older People

Bristol Charities has recently been successful on winning Lottery Funding through the Bristol Ageing Better Programme, to deliver a Community Development for Older People project in Greater Brislington. 

"Whether it's Tai Chi, Ballroom Dancing, Men or Women's Group, or whatever, the project will work to help develop and deliver what local people want". 

This funding will be used to build on and enhance the existing work and activities for over 50's within the local communities. Any developments will be Community and Older People driven to ensure that the community gets what it needs and that activities enhance what is already taking place, rather than duplication/undermining. Community ownership of the project and its developments is essential to the success and the long-term sustainability of the project.


Call for members of the Advisory Group

The first step for the project is to set up a Local Advisory Group, and organise open sessions to get as many local people involved in designing the project as possible. 

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved, or have any ideas or suggestions, and help us to develop a project which will make a real difference to the lives of over 50's within Greater Brislington. 

Armon Williams, Community Development Worker 


Mobile: 07825548884

Tai Chi Class starting in St Anne's in July 2017

We have a new Tai Chi class for over 50's starting in St Anne's in July. More details for follow shortly. 

We will keep our website updated as the project progresses, including dates of meetings and details of new activities.